Dealing with Uncertainty in a COVID-19 World

Nurse using phone

It is human nature to want to understand the world around us, however sometime we simply cannot. If you know someone with anxiety, they may be able to tell you about the mental anguish of not knowing can cause. Indeed, I think we all have a little of that right now. Will I lose my job? How will I feed my family? Am I sick? The unknown…

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Maintaining Your Well Being While Social Distancing

Stay Home

We humans are social animals and it is no small task to keep our distance from one another. I’d like to take some time to discuss healthy things you can do to maintain your well being while practicing social distancing.  Exercise   Being shut in and not having gyms to go to can make it hard to stay in…

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Honouring Your Basic Needs


Keep it simple stupid! Are you familiar with the KISS acronym? The idea here is to not overthink, and I want to take a step back.  In our lives we get hyper focused, and we sometimes forget to check on the simple things. So today let’s check in on the basic needs of life; they are our foundation and we need…

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Six Ways To Reduce Holiday Stress

Family at Christmas

Hello December! The holiday season is officially upon us. While excitement builds, this time of year can also lead to increased stress and anxiety. Trying to balance your everyday life on top of preparing for the holidays can be challenging. However, there are things you can do to prevent holiday stress and help ensure you…

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