Dr. Lycka & Jennifer Perri On Her Battle with Gambre Syndrome

Jennifer Perri and Dr. Allen Lycka

Below is the transcript from the FAMOUS Dr. Al’s (Dr. Allen Lycka) interview with Jennifer Perri, on the How to Live A Fantastic Life Show, syndicated through Brushwood Media Network with seven million listeners a month.  In this episode, Jennifer Perri and Dr. Lycka talk about her journey with Gambre Syndrome. From becoming almost completely paralyzed…

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A Fantastic Living Expert Shares Nine Things He Never Does

How to live a fantastic life with Dr. Allen Steven Lycka

As an MD, life and business coach, host, and executive producer of the “How to Live A Fantastic Life” podcast and syndicated radio show with 4,000,000 + listeners per episode, I’ve interviewed thousands of celebrities, VIPs, authors, television and movie luminaries, and ordinary folk — and I ask them all, “How Do You Live A…

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Did you know it’s Universal Human Rights Month?

December is National Human Rights Month

Need ideas to think big? At a recent talk I gave at Harvard University for bLU Talks, I spoke on how to grow yourself and your business. I talked about thinking big, and sometimes that can be daunting when starting out. Start a blog Start a blog. It is a great way to grow. There is…

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Live Your Life With Purpose

Let’s talk about living with purpose. Did you miss it? It’s that time of the day, week, month, or year where we say things like:  “Where has the time gone?”  “It’s just about August, where has summer gone?”  “We’ve only been out to the lake once this whole summer, how can this be?”  However, it’s not just time. The…

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Summer Fun With the Family

The sun is out, and we want to enjoy the beautiful summer ahead of us! It is still important to practice social distancing to help stop the spread of COVID-19. But that doesn’t mean stay in your house all day. Let’s look at some fun activities you can do with your family while you enjoy the beautiful weather we are (rightfully!) in store for. …

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The Ins and Outs of Empathy

Hand reaching out

I’d like to make an argument in favour of a more empathetic world. I believe if we understood the value of showing others empathy, the world would be much more prosperous for all. By understanding what empathy is, what it isn’t, and how it is beneficial to you, the world will shine a little brighter. And if everyone was more empathetic, humanity would see a much healthier world.   What is Empathy?  Empathy differs from…

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Celebrating Earth Day: The Wonders of Nature

Canadian landscape

April 22nd is National Earth Day in which we celebrate the only home we have ever known. This will be the first Earth Day where we are practicing social distancing, but it is important to look at the ways we can enjoy the outdoors and connect with nature.  Increases Energy  When I was younger and said I was tired or…

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Tuning Your Self-Awareness

Writing in a book

A flaw that many people have, but do not recognize they have, is self-awareness. This is not an indictment on anyone, our nature is to seek patterns and see ourselves as the “good guy.” Often, it is these two habits that lead to biases and poor self-awareness. As we practice self-isolation, this is a valuable opportunity to work on your own self-awareness.  What is self-awareness  As our teachers always told…

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The Importance of Understanding Self-Talk

Positive thoughts

The term self-talk is thrown around a lot, and I would like to take some time to unpack it. Self-talk simply means the things you tell yourself whether they be words, thoughts or conversation you have with yourself.  There are several forms, including:  Positive Self–Talk  These are positive statements you tell yourself; for example, “I deserve the promotion because I am good…

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