Dealing with Uncertainty in a COVID-19 World

It is human nature to want to understand the world around us, however sometime we simply cannot. If you know someone with anxiety, they may be able to tell you about the mental anguish of not knowing can cause. Indeed, I think we all have a little of that right now. Will I lose my job? How will I feed my family? Am I sick? The unknown is quite a scary place, and yet here we are stuck in it.  So how do we navigate our own uncertainty?  

Acknowledge it 

There is no shame in saying you are uncertain. Acknowledging your fears does‚Äôt make you weak, but it is important to recognize and address your feelings. Acknowledge how it makes you feel, how it affects your interactions with loved ones and the world around you. 

Talk about it 

It is by ignoring a problem that we give it power over ourselves. Talk to a trusted person about how you feel. Don‚Äôt do this with everyone, you will lose your sanity! But, with a spouse, loved one or therapist this is an excellent way to address uncertainty. Make sure to talk with your children as well. You don‚Äôt want to instill fear in them, but make sure you address their concerns. Children are smart and they pick up on our cues, so take time to assuage their fears. 

Take stock of what you control 

A lesson from a life with anxiety is that you can’t control everything. And right now, there is much we aren’t able to control. You can control washing your hands, practicing social distancing and your daily life. You cannot control outside factors, so put your energy into what you can control. Be careful not to clamp onto every little thing to try and control it. That will likely only make you more anxious, and frustrate those around you, who you may inadvertently try to control. 

Find peace in letting go 

Spend 15 minutes a day where you allow yourself the ability of letting go of all worries. This could be in the form of baking, playing with kids or watching TV. Productivity and thinking can wait. It is imperative that you are kind to yourself right now. If you have children, ensure they also have time where they can just be kids! They may need that more than we realize. 

I hope these tips help ease your uncertainty! We are living through a historic time, but it is a difficult. Practice these steps and allow yourself time to grieve when you need too. Our world has been flipped upside down and it is normal to be scared. Follow the advice above I hope it helps you find peace should you need it.