Honouring Your Basic Needs

Keep it simple stupid! Are you familiar with the KISS acronym? The idea here is to not overthink, and I want to take a step back.  In our lives we get hyper focused, and we sometimes forget to check on the simple things. So today let’s check in on the basic needs of life; they are our foundation and we need to check and make sure our foundation is not weathered. 


The importance of waking up and feeling refreshed cannot be understated. A good sleep will put you in a much better place than a mediocre one. So, how do you sleep? Simple things like buying a new pillow, washing your sheets and not going to bed with your phone can improve the quality of your sleep. Experts suggest creating a routine an hour before bed, so that your body will begin to interpret this routine as a way of knowing it will fall asleep soon. Consider making a sleep routine that is right for you, avoids stress, mental stimulation or physical exertion. Be aware of sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. Your quality of sleep is what starts your day, so make sure you are having a good sleep! 


The physical space you live in can cause you stress, or it can be your sanctuary. Consider creating a welcoming space for yourself at home, even if it is just one room. Keep it clean and uncluttered, as our brains can become stressed and tired from mess. You should never feel stuck or trapped in your house. If you do, think about what is making you feel that way. How can you get rid of or diminish that force? Like your sleep, keep distractions like phones out of your sanctuary. Our brains look for patterns. Therefore, if we have distractions in our sanctuary our brains will easily get side-tracked.  


I’m not a nutritionist, but I can tell you without hesitation, you are what you eat. A fun activity I suggest is to keep a food journal for a week. After every meal record what you ate, and an hour later record how you feel. Do you have lots of energy? Are you feeling sleepy? The food we eat impacts our energy, which plays a large role in how we feel. The food journal may also surprise you and may show that some foods, that are considered healthy, leave you feeling bloated. While doing the food journal, make sure there is variety in your diet that week. Have meals with beef, chicken, fish, pork and just vegetarian. The reason for this is you will see how a variety of foods affect you. Remember to record your drinks as well. 

Food, shelter and sleep are basic human needs that we learn about in primary school. However, we often forget how important they are to us. Take some time and check in on these necessities to make sure you are giving yourself what you need.