Dr. Lycka & Jennifer Perri On Her Battle with Gambre Syndrome

Jennifer Perri and Dr. Allen Lycka

Below is the transcript from the FAMOUS Dr. Al’s (Dr. Allen Lycka) interview with Jennifer Perri, on the How to Live A Fantastic Life Show, syndicated through Brushwood Media Network with seven million listeners a month.  In this episode, Jennifer Perri and Dr. Lycka talk about her journey with Gambre Syndrome. From becoming almost completely paralyzed…

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A Fantastic Living Expert Shares Nine Things He Never Does

How to live a fantastic life with Dr. Allen Steven Lycka

As an MD, life and business coach, host, and executive producer of the “How to Live A Fantastic Life” podcast and syndicated radio show with 4,000,000 + listeners per episode, I’ve interviewed thousands of celebrities, VIPs, authors, television and movie luminaries, and ordinary folk — and I ask them all, “How Do You Live A…

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It’s About Love: Golden Pearl # 1

Love is Golden Pearl number 1

Who do you love that you are grateful for today? The pain our world is suffering right now with the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented for many reasons. One of those reasons is the isolation that surrounds not being able to be with family over the Thanksgiving holiday (for some people) or as we approach other…

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Moving On From Trauma And The Past

Does trauma from your past hang around your body like an anchor, causing you to struggle to move forward. When I say trauma, I’m not referring to only huge events. Small traumas can cause more harm than you realize. Today, I would like to discuss how you can move on from your past. While I hope you find these tips helpful, it is…

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Staying Sane in a Digital COVID-19 World

Before COVID-19, one could easily make the argument that we spend too much time online. However, now online connections have become not just a tool to connect, but a safe way to do so. Many people I talk to say, “You know Doc, I spend more time in Zoom meetings than I ever did in boardroom meetings.” Then when they want to talk with friends, they go back…

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Four Toxic Behaviours to Avoid

I watched a fascinating video recently. I came away from it wondering, how can I be a better person? I want to echo its sentiments and look at behaviours we have that can be toxic, and how we can work to remove them from our lives. Though we often want to see ourselves as the good guy, we have our faults as well.   Scapegoating  …

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Dealing with Uncertainty in a COVID-19 World

Nurse using phone

It is human nature to want to understand the world around us, however sometime we simply cannot. If you know someone with anxiety, they may be able to tell you about the mental anguish of not knowing can cause. Indeed, I think we all have a little of that right now. Will I lose my job? How will I feed my family? Am I sick? The unknown…

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Maintaining Your Well Being While Social Distancing

Stay Home

We humans are social animals and it is no small task to keep our distance from one another. I’d like to take some time to discuss healthy things you can do to maintain your well being while practicing social distancing.  Exercise   Being shut in and not having gyms to go to can make it hard to stay in…

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