A Look Back at Canada’s First Food Bank We Are Supporting May 6th

Edmonton's first food bank

(An excerpt from Edmonton’s Food Bank found on their website) Two issues to solve In 1981, the Edmonton Gleaners Association, more commonly known as Edmonton’s Food Bank, was established to solve two issues: hunger was affecting the lives of many people served by local non-profit organizations and edible food was being wasted in the community.…

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13 Golden Pearls of Wisdom to Gain Momentum

I want to share my interview on The Motivation Show with Eli Marcus where we discuss the 13 Golden Pearls of Wisdom and how you too can move forward with that wisdom like I did. Do you need momentum? We are living in trying times of uncertainty, and even the most convicted person among us…

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The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life

Are you finding fulfillment in your life? We are amid a Global Pandemic, the likes we have not seen for over 100 years. It is understandable if your life is not filled with joy every single day. In 2003, I experienced the scariest moment of my life and was faced with my mortality. There is nothing like facing the very real fact you could die. I empathize with…

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