Maintaining Your Well Being While Social Distancing

We humans are social animals and it is no small task to keep our distance from one another. I’d like to take some time to discuss healthy things you can do to maintain your well being while practicing social distancing. 

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Being shut in and not having gyms to go to can make it hard to stay in shape. Moreover, our brains crave movement! Take time out of your day and go for walks, and enjoy spring. Get outside and enjoy the sun, but remember to stay two meters away from others. Another great form of exercise is yoga. A quick YouTube search provides you with countless hours of free yoga classes. If you have weights or kettlebells, even better! No matter what you do, make sure you stay active. Your body and mental well-being will thank you. 

Talk to People 

While social distancing, we won’t get to see friends and family as much as we would like. But this can be remedied with video calls. Set up dates and times to chat with your loved ones. If you have someone at home with you, set time aside to talk to them about how you are feeling. Now is not the time to bottle up emotions; be open and honest with a trusted loved one. You always get further with a team than alone. 

Make a Routine 

I have discussed the importance of routine before. I bring it up again because it is crucial now more than ever! Routines allow your mind to focus, and will help you get through the tedious day to day monotony of quarantine. Help kids create a plan for each day that includes chores, studying, play, creativity and exercise. Children, even teenagers, crave routine and will adapt. Speaking of teens, make sure you have honest talks to them about the world and all that is going on. 

Learn Something New 

Now is the perfect opportunity to try new activities and hobbies. Schedule some time each week to explore this. It could be learning guitar or coding. And it doesn’t have to be the same thing every day. Allow yourself to explore your interests. The internet is a great place to learn; you can “Google” or “YouTube” just about any subject in the world and learn about it.  


When you can, turn your devices off, ignore the news and enjoy your life. While updates are important, don’t let it consume your every moment. The news will be there when you get back. This will pass and you will be the better for it!