Live Your Life With Purpose

Let’s talk about living with purpose.

Did you miss it? It’s that time of the day, week, month, or year where we say things like:

 “Where has the time gone?” 

“It’s just about August, where has summer gone?” 

“We’ve only been out to the lake once this whole summer, how can this be?” 

However, it’s not just time. The other day, I heard someone say, “I’ve been cooking for 40 years, and I am still a bad cook!” Statements like this make me sad, because they are usually said by people who have been on autopilot for too long! While sometimes we need to be on autopilot, too much of it takes us away from living a fantastic and purposeful life. 

What does it mean to live with purpose? 

Years ago, a study came out about Harvard University. Only 5% of the freshman who attended had a solid plan of where they wanted to end up after University. 95% were going with the flow, and had no plan! The study found that the 5% who had a solid plan, went on to be more successful. They had goals and had put purposeful thought and intention into their life. To live a life with purpose, you need to give conscious thought to what you are doing today and what you want to accomplish tomorrow. 

How do you live with purpose? 

You need to plan ahead. If you have a big dream,  set up small goals that will get you there over time. If someone you know runs marathons, they didn’t get to that goal in one day. They planed it out and trained over time. If there is something you want, thinking about it isn’t enough. You need purposeful action to get you there. 

Why live with purpose? 

It gives your life meaning, it creates joy and you will become the best possible version of yourself. Remember my friend who said they failed at cooking for forty years? Imagine if once a week they tried a new recipe? Or, if once a month, they spent an hour researching how to be a better cook? Over forty years, that is 2,080 recipes they would have tried and 480 hours of researching cooking techniques. Small increments like this add up over time. It just takes planning and small actions on our part. 

Where do you start? 

Pick a few areas in your life where you would like to improve. Or, pick a giant goal! Break those down into smaller steps, reverse engineer from the goal to the first step. Make sure you use the SMART goals technique. Every goal should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time- bound. In everything you do, be specific, purposeful and conscious.  

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