The Secrets To Living A Fantastic Life: What’s Next?

Harriet Tinka, Dr. Allen Lycka and Seanna Collins

We are now one week removed from my virtual book launch for The Secrets To Living a Fantastic Life, in which we had over 250 viewers! I cannot thank everyone enough for coming and being a part of the day. In case I forget to mention, but we actually had some amazing news before the event even started. Our book, The Secrets To Living A Fantastic Life, became an INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER on Amazon!  What an amazing gift to be given before the book launch even started.

So, what is next for Harriet and I? Are we going to stop and take a break? Well, if you watched the virtual event you know the answer to that is a huge HECK NO! 

We plan to do more events in the future, and you can keep in touch with us. Here is how: 


On my YouTube channel I will post podcasts and videos about my books. I am just about at 2,000 subscribers; I hope you will help get me there! 


I post quite often here. This is where we did our contest for a free Amazon Kindle, which was won by Nicole Chudyck. You will also see me go live once a week to talk about my book or whatever is on my mind. I enjoy these discussions with Harriet, as she is a remarkable woman who inspires me. You can follow Harriet and her work with Empowered Me here. 


I‚Äôm up early and tweeting almost every day! I love twitter because it allows you to intimately engage with your community. Please come by and say “hi!” I like to post encouraging and uplifting posts on Twitter. There is so much negativity on there that we have to fight it with positivity. If I am being honest with you, I‚Äôm just about at 13,000 followers, and would love for you to help me reach that milestone. 


I do try and stay cool and hip with my daughters, so I am definitely on ‚Äúthe ‚Äėgram.‚ÄĚ I enjoy using it to share snapshots of my life. If you look at it now, you will see some lovely behind the scenes shots from our virtual book launch. 

My Websites 

Yes that is plural! I am very busy and have multiple websites. The one you are on right now, which you can book me to come as a speaker, or you can listen to my podcasts. Of course, if you want to order my new International Bestseller, The Secrets To Living A Fantastic, you can do so here! And, of course, you can find our book on Amazon.

Please check me out on all of these platforms, as I want to keep in touch with you. It was an incredible journey writing The Secrets To Living A Fantastic Life all the way to the virtual event. I plan on having more events, and certainly intend on writing more books! Myself and Harriet are humbled by your support and want to say from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for being a part of our journey and we hope you continue to follow along.