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Dr. Allen Steven Lycka will make your group laugh, cry, and take action. He will deliver a transformative experience that will take your audience, virtual or in person, to the next level.

Don’t stand for ordinary when you can have Dr. Lycka deliver extraordinary. Based on his bestselling book, The Secrets To Living a Fantastic Life (co-authored with Woman of Distinction winner Harriet Tinka) Dr. Lycka delivers “13 Golden Pearls” that are guaranteed to inspire change.

A dynamic, humorous, and passionate speaker, Dr. Lycka has appeared on numerous radio, television network stations, and hundreds of podcasts. He has also graced many international stages during his lifetime and is a TEDx speaker.

If you are looking to arrange an interview, have Dr. Lycka as a guest on your podcast, or would like to have him as a speaker or trainer, simply email him at Allen@drallenlycka.com.

"I love what Dr. Lycka is doing. The book is great and the work is great. I highly recommend him."

- Jack Canfield, author of the #1 bestseller Chicken Soup for the Soul.