Six Tips to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Let’s chat goals. We all have them. The trick is actually fulfilling the goals we have set out to achieve in our mind. It is one thing to say, “I want this to happen.” However, making sure your goals happen is another story. Oxford Dictionary defines a goal as, “The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.”  Setting goals helps give you power to transform your life.; however, goals often get forgotten. In order to successfully achieve your goals, there are a few steps you can follow.

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” 
― Albert Einstein

Step One

Write down your goals. This first step helps you to not only visualize your goals, but it also holds you accountable. It is also beneficial to set a time frame for each of your goals. Tuck your list in a spot where you will see it often, to make sure you are keeping on track.

Step Two

Set specific goals. Don’t be vague in your description about what each goal entails and what you hope to gain from each one. The more specific the goal, the more likely you are to achieve it.

Step Three

Be realistic when setting your goals. I am not saying that you shouldn’t dream big and reach for the stars; however, make sure you have goals that set you up for success. The more goals you achieve, the better you will feel. If your goals are too extreme, you may be left feeling defeated.

Step Four

Hold yourself accountable. If you are faced with adversity, it is imperative to ensure you stay on course. A helpful tip is to share your goals with a friend or family member. This way, they can help to keep you accountable as well. Having a network that encourages and supports you is also beneficial to your goals.

Step Five

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We often think we have to face things on our own, and that asking for help is a sign of weakness. I, however, would disagree. When you ask for help, you are showing strength. Sometimes in order to reach a goal, we need help from others and there is nothing wrong with that.

Step Six

Your goals will likely change and evolve as you do. Sometimes, the goal we originally set ends up looking completely different after some time has passed. This isn’t a bad thing. Regularly checking in with yourself and your goals will help you assess your progress as well as your journey towards your goals.

Setting and achieving goals is a lifelong process. The more practice you allow yourself, the easier setting and achieving your goals will be. By building your toolbox with skills to help you down the path of success, the more likely you are to live your most fantastic life.