Twitter Buzz About The Secrets To Living A Fantastic Life

A morning routine of mine this summer is sitting on my deck, sipping coffee and reading Twitter reviews about The Secrets To Living A Fantastic Life. The last few months have certainly been an amazing whirlwind. But mornings are a peaceful part of my day and I enjoy spending them catching up on Twitter

Starting my day off knowing people’s lives have been positively impacted by Harriet’s incredible story as well as my own, is humbling. So, I thought I would include a collection of some of the tweets that have put a smile on my face. 

A Few of My Favourite Tweets

We are certainly living in uncertain times. The Secrets To Living a Fantastic Life offers lessons on dealing with adversity and I hope it can help bring hope to those who need it most.

An important ability in life is to find positivity. If we spend our lives focusing on the negative, we will stunt our growth. Always acknowledge pain and hardship, but be sure to find the good. Our golden pearls of wisdom aim to help you do this. They are pillars that build your foundation and give you fortitude for the hard times. And they make the amazing moments even better.

The book is indeed a memoir; a very personal one. For a story to be true and authentic, it must show the struggles. However, that alone is not enough. It should also inspire! I want people to be encouraged and for our readers to take the lessons Harriet and I have learned and use them to succeed. 

Never give up. Harriet describes her life as moving “from tragic to magic.” This is a wonderful quote to keep in mind when faced with your own challenges in life.

I highly recommend beginning your day by counting your blessings. Celebrate the goodness and joy in the world around you and your days will be fantastic.