The Authentic You

When you read my book, and I hope you will, you will come away with many important life lessons. All of which are aimed at helping you live a more fantastic, purpose driven life; the life you deserve! I want to turn a lens to an idea that my book discusses, and that is being the authentic you. 

Who Is the Authentic You? 

I don’t know, but you do. The authentic self-reveals itself through your emotions. When you feel joy, recognize what is causing that joy and you will see where the real you lies. The opposite can also be said. When you have feelings of uneasiness and your body physically reacts negatively to a specific stimulus, your authentic self is talking to you. Explore those feelings and ask what caused your body to react negatively? It can be a sign that your authentic self is not being recognized. 

Marching to the Beat of your own Drum 

A phrase that is much easier said than done! The world, friends, and family put judgment and expectations on you to act in a certain way; a way that may not be the authentic you. To work around this, you must do some self-analysis. You must decide who is good to surround yourself with, and who is toxic for you. Don’t think this is an excuse to surround yourself with “yes people”, which are individuals who affirm your every action. Instead, surround yourself with people who care about you AND who you are. 

Perspective Purpose 

The authentic self needs a purpose; whether it is to be the best parent, or to see the world. Once you know what gives you purpose, you can begin to put your authentic life in perspective. Finding one’s purpose is a journey, and you may go through a few different iterations of the right purpose. This should be expected. As our lives change, our perspective on what is important does as well. A high school graduates purpose life will look much different by the time they are 30 (let alone 70+)! I implore you, take the perspective that your purpose will change, and know that is normal-it simply means you’ve changed. 

Becoming the Authentic You 

Becoming the authentic you doesn’t mean your life is figured out, or that you will feel no pain. What it does mean is that you will have tools and support around you to help guide you through your life in a way that makes you proud of yourself. If you can go through the slings and arrows of life and be proud of yourself, I would say you have found the authentic you! Life is not a Romcom or a Hollywood story, it’s a sea of difficulties. Holdfast to the search for your truth and be proud of who you are, and you will find the authentic you.  

To find the authentic me, I had to be given a misdiagnosis and six months to live; I learned many lessons after that. That’s why I wrote my book, so others wouldn’t have to go through what I did. It offers 13 Golden Pearls of wisdom, and I’d love for you to read it!