It’s About Love: Golden Pearl # 1

Love is Golden Pearl number 1

Who do you love that you are grateful for today? The pain our world is suffering right now with the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented for many reasons. One of those reasons is the isolation that surrounds not being able to be with family over the Thanksgiving holiday (for some people) or as we approach other…

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The Many Forms of Love

The Ancient Greeks had six forms of love, which are all important in their own way. I would like to see more people adopt these terms when expressing love in its various forms. In my book The Secrets To Living A Fantastic Life, Harriet and I discuss the six forms of love in depth. Today, I would like to focus on the different ways in which we express love.  Eros- Sexual…

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Four Acts of Self-Love to Practice this Valentine’s Day

You are worthy of love

Whether you have a date this Valentine’s Day or not, there is something important to discuss this time of year, and that is self-love. In case you have forgotten, or are constantly being told otherwise, you are worthy of love! Let’s talk about some ways you can love yourself.  Forgiveness  There is a proverb that says holding onto…

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