238: How to Get Crystal Clear on Where You Want to Go in Life

Originally Aired on Jan 28, 2021. On this episode we will hear about the courageous journey that Meridith Alexander took with her daughter Schuyler; A near death experience her daughter had – being crushed by a huge boulder in South America in 2016 – all the way to today. That journey inspired her bestselling book, The Sky is The Limit and really, the limit is where it all begins. Tune in and learn how to leverage diversity for how you will change the world too. Your gifts are unique! Come learn about this miraculous journey, and how she and her daughter help change the world by teaching all of us to leverage our gifts for our greatest good, personally and professionally. It is about the G.R.I.T mindset!


Guest Bio: Why do some people absolutely soar in the face of obstacles while others shut down– and how can you be one of those who soar? For Meridith Alexander, helping clients learn to soar from the ashes has become her passion. She is a bestselling author, resilience and peak performance coach and G.R.I.T. mindset expert. Her book THE SKY IS THE LIMIT hit the #1 New Release in the motivational category on Amazon the night that it was launched. Meridith and her daughter’s story has been featured in media around the world.


Her G.R.I.T. mindset academy has helped clients around the world to look beyond the beliefs that have been stopping them. To begin to harness the secrets of the inner and outer game that can help you achieve amazing things — even those things that previously might have seemed impossible. The end game? A life that you love waking up to even when those boulders cross your path!


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Website – https://gritmindsetacademy.com/


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