21: How Exercise Can Decrease Stress During COVID-19 and After

No matter what your age, a lack of movement, sitting in a chair over 30 minutes can have the same affect on your body (equivalent) to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. If you have diabetes it can add to more body pain by not moving. COVID-19 has caused many to be locked in their homes and have felt lost as to where to go for reliable help in how they can overcome the fears around a lack of movement, as well as what movement we can do inside the home. Listen in as we explore with Colin what we can do and where we can go for reliable information on what we can do, whether we suffer from certain aliments, or not. If you are over 50 the risk will compound exponentially. Come learn how to reduce your risk and boost your mood too! We will also get inside information on how to begin our new routines.

Guest Bio

Colin earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) from Boston University, Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) from Medical College of Pennsylvania Hahnemann University, Master of Science (MS) from University of Oregon and Bachelor of Science (BS) from Oregon State University. He has been a guest Associate Professor for the Oregon Health & Science University Medical School, George Fox University Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy and Pacific University Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy, where he taught students about using exercise as medicine for a wide range of chronic diseases and injuries. Colin has practiced physical therapy for 20 years, with an emphasis on reducing falls and chronic disease in older adults. He created and hosted “The Fitness Show” on PBS, an exploratory documentary on the use of exercise to treat and prevent heart disease, falls, back pain, osteoarthritis and many other chronic problems. He was the regional health expert for NBC news for 4 years and has been a health writer for the Oregonian since 2010. Colin is the founder of the non-profit “Coalition for Active Resident Engagement (CARE)” and creator/host of the “Choose Your Age” podcast for senior living communities. Finally, Colin was a spokesperson and competitor for drug-free bodybuilding, winning Collegiate Mr. Oregon and Ironman Championships before taking 4th at nationals in New York City.

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