17: How Being Unstoppable Brings the Light to Dream Big

How has COVID-19 effected your business and personal life? If you are lacking resilience, don’t know how to shift to our new normal you are not alone. Get inspired by our guest Connie Pheiff as she takes us on a journey of taking advantage of the new virtual world to grow. She is the light we can all aspire to in how to Dream Big. She will reveal her dream and her plan to get there! Don’t miss this! This woman is unstoppable!

Guest Bio

Connie Pheiff is referred to as the jewel in the crown of Talent Concierge a modern-day media and branding artist label representing Talent Who Mean Business. The crazy ones who believe they can change the world. She is a true believer that no matter what you do in life, You are the BRAND.

A Philanthropist and #BeyondMeToo Activist. From the C-Suite to an award-winning speaker, High-Performance Coach, 5-time author, and host of the Connie Pheiff Show.

Awards include Community Leadership, Inspirational Woman in Media, & Radio Personality of the Year. Insights Success Magazine calls her “a symbol of Exemplary Entrepreneurship.” Connie Pheiff always shares a bit of herself; a life of spectacularly epic fails. Through it all, her success hasn’t come in spite of her failures, but because of them. Visit me at http://www.talentconcierge.co 

Social media links Connie Pheiff:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/connie.pheiff/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/conniepheiffshow/
Twitter –  https://bit.ly/3tkIkRX
LinkedIn – https://bit.ly/3rEDSge
Website – https://www.conniepheiff.com/
and https://talentconcierge.co/

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