Dr. Lycka Rocked the Stage with “The Thing About Disconnected Bosses” Talk in Los Angeles DisruptHR

Dr. Allen Lycka has given several talks on human resources, business and leadership on stages across the U.S. and Canada (and more are planned this year). One of his most recent speaking engagements in Los Angeles, called “The Thing About Disconnected Bosses” was filled with humor, and provided a fun learning environment that attendees loved and were fully engaged.

The speech focused on what is not working how employers engage with their employees and how they “just don’t get it!” The audience agreed with this wholeheartedly. Leadership has now turned into a 24/7 endeavor, and making sure employees are happy is critical for retention and profitability. Believe it or not, unhappy employees can crush profits quickly. The percentage of new employees who leave after two weeks is a symptom of a big problem—they do not feel they are part of a family.

New hires must feel cherished (as well as those that have been with the company for a while too). They need to feel they are part of a family. Dr. Lycka teaches how this is accomplished, and goes over “The 3-Things” you need to keep them.

He also discusses The Lykke Factor – how happiness is achieved. And guess what? They even teach about happiness at Harvard and Yale.

Listen in and learn how you can change the landscape of retaining employees as a leader or an HR professional.