Celebrating Mom: A Social Distancing Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I hope you have picked up presents for your mom already; I’m looking at you men. If you are lucky, you will be able to be with your mother to celebrate, but many of us will have to practice social distancing. I’ve come up with a few ways you can celebrate your mom from a distance. Please feel free to do multiple of my suggestions! 

Send A Card 

A simple and easy thing to do! Make sure to write a personal and loving note inside. A sentimental note means more than a dozen roses. I know a friend whose mother carries around a note that he wrote her twenty years ago, because it meant that much to her. 

Phone or Video Call 

By now we are masters of the video call! Whether you call your mom on phone or via video, she will love the time talking with you (and her grandchildren if she is so lucky!).  

Send Her Something Special 

We can still mail packages, so send her a gift. Many businesses also offer services where they will send products from their store. This means you can support a local business and gift your mother something at the same time! I hear most mom’s like: chocolates, flowers, books and/or a nice bottle of wine. I would suggest googling virtual wine tastings, which can be fun as well. 

Do a Drive By 

I have seen some adorable birthday celebrations where people drive by a loved one’s home with banners and have a small parade. It’s a bit more work, but would be enjoyable for everyone involved. 

Gift Cards 

Again, this has the dual benefit of supporting a local business while celebrating your mother. Purchase gift cards for a spa, an activity your mother enjoys, or something new that she can do once the social distancing rules are lifted.  

Hand Craft a Gift

If you have a special skill like woodworking or painting, you can create something for your mother. But for us less talented individuals, we can still make a scrapbook of photos to share with mom. Maybe even a digital one! On the digital note, a quick video message on social media about your favourite moment with your mom may be appreciated. Just remember some people are less comfortable than others with being put on social media. 

Even if you can’t be with your mother today, there are ways you can make sure she knows you were thinking of her. If you can, please do any of the following for people who may have lost their Mother recently. Mother’s Day may be hard on them. If you know someone in this situation, reach out and send them some love.