281: Embracing Life’s Adventures

Originally Published March 24, 2022. Today’s guest is Jacquie Gauthier is a certified Nature Guide, Yoga teacher, and host of Soul Safaris in South Africa, alongside her husband Johann. She’s also co-founder of Two Girls and an Elephant, blending photography, art, and conservation. Tune in to hear about her diverse experiences, including her political run, aid work in South Sudan, and her journey to finding fulfillment and purpose. 


About: Originally from Canada, Jacquie Gauthier had a diverse career as a radio and television personality, playwright, producer, and even dipped into politics by running for Parliament in 2008. Her play “Jazzabel” and the festival “Portraits,” which she co-produced, were showcased Off Broadway in New York and at the National Museum of Women and the Arts in Washington D.C., garnering attention in Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine. However, a Foreign Aid trip to South Sudan marked a turning point in her life. Now, Jacquie is a certified Nature Guide, Yoga teacher, and the creator/host of Soul Safaris in South Africa, where she’s building her happily ever after with husband Johann, as seen on House Hunters International. She’s also a co-founder of Two Girls and an Elephant, focusing on photography, art, and elephant conservation. Jacquie has authored two books: “The Gift of an Elephant” and “Twenty Eight Elephants (and Other Every Day Miracles).”


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