275: Unveiling the Path to Personal Mastery

Originally Published July 05, 2022. Christina Eanes, a former FBI violent crime analyst shares her fascination with human behavior  and love of teaching. Christina now focuses on helping others achieve more by overcoming self-limiting beliefs through books, podcasts, and keynote speeches.


Her passion extends to solving puzzles, like in escape rooms, which she incorporates into her training because they offer valuable lessons in perception and emotional intelligence.Through self-awareness and understanding our energy levels, she teaches how to maximize productivity and live a fantastic life.


About Christina Eanes: Christina is a former FBI violent crime analyst and senior manager, now author, speaker, podcast and YouTube channel host, and self-improvement guru. 


Christina specializes in super achieving and is on a mission to help others achieve more in life, mainly by getting out of their own way, and currently does this through her books, podcast series, professional development courses, and keynote speeches.


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