270: A Journey of Transformation and Purpose

Originally Published February 17, 2023 Tune in for an insightful conversation between Dr. Allen Lycka and Christelle Pillot, a former engineer turned coach who helps clients navigate career changes and personal development. Christelle shares her journey from engineering to coaching, highlighting the importance of aligning one’s career with personal values and finding meaning in life. She emphasizes the significance of simplicity and resilience in pursuing goals, encouraging listeners to trust themselves and enjoy the journey of self-discovery. The discussion touches on psychology, career transitions, and living a fulfilled life, offering practical advice and inspiring insights.


About Christelle Pillot: Christelle started her practice after realizing that as an expat and a mother of 3, she does not fit any mold. She created a program integrating psychology, business, and personal development practices. Christelle helps clients to create profitable careers, and rediscover themselves while giving time to home and family and living a fulfilled life, especially as an expat.


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