268: Practice What you Preach

Originally Published November 03, 2022 Today Dr. Allen Lycka is joined by Dr. David Bernstein, a highly respected physician specializing in internal medicine and geriatric medicine. Dr. Bernstein is fascinated with longevity and talks about his research on factors contributing to a healthy and fulfilling life, highlighting the “Power of Five” formula: Grace (goals, roots, attitude, companionship, environment). If you want to live a long and fantastic life tune into this show!  Dr. Bernstein emphasizes the importance of lifestyle choices like avoiding sweets, managing stress, getting sufficient sleep, exercising regularly, and fostering social connections. He also touches on the detrimental effects of chronic inflammation and the significance of addressing sleep apnea. 


About Dr. David Bernstein: David Bernstein, M.D. is a highly respected physician who is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. His 40 years of experience have provided him with opportunities to observe, empathize and guide thousands of adults and generations of families as they mature. His compassion and ability to see…


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