261: Setting the Right Expectations

Originally Published April 10, 2023:  Tune in to hear Daryl Tanner show us how setting realistic expectations can make a big difference in how we see things, get along with others, and feel. He’s learned allot by working with young adults and singles, and he sharers some simple tips for dealing with life’s ups and downs and finding more happiness.

Highlights: Learn how to cultivate healthy relationships, surround yourself with supportive friends, and take control of your own happiness. Whether you’re struggling with personal issues or seeking to live a more vibrant life, this episode provides valuable insights and inspiration to help you thrive.

Guest Bio: Daryl Tanner is the author of “Great Expectations Today.”  Daryl has worked with young adults and 30-40 COED singles for many years and wrote his book to help in dealing with issues they faced over and over in life. 

Daryl has worked in sales for over 40 years and transitioned some of his life stories into this book to help everyone live a happier and more fulfilled life. There is also several chapters on anger and anger management which stems from the wrong expectations.


Social media links for Daryl Tanner: Link to the Book: Great Expectations Today!


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