198: Do Something You’re Passionate About

Alan Gordon is on a mission to help all of us find true wisdom. He says “…While it is often clothed in foreign sounding words and phrases, originating in cultures far different from our own, the wisdom belongs to all of us….”


Guest Bio: Alan Gordon is host of the Project Utopia podcast which pieces together historical records that reveal a lost (but now found) system of Active Enlightenment.


“When we find true wisdom, we must stop and consider it carefully on its own merit.  While it is often clothed in foreign sounding words and phrases, originating in cultures far different from our own, the wisdom belongs to all of us.  It is not the property of any one culture or period in time, and if it is true then we must put it to use in our own lives.”


In his previous book, The Cycle of Mind, Alan combined ancient truths about the creative power of Mind with modern scientific methods to reveal exactly how Mind creates through ripples, rhythms, and cycles, and laid out a practical series of techniques all of us can use to control our thoughts and shape our own futures. 


“Mind controls reality, and reality conforms to Mind”
~ The Cycle of Mind


With the Project Utopia podcast Alan pulls back the curtain to reveal a golden time in history where men and women truly lived in the inner radiance of enlightenment, and global peace reigned for 300 years.  He brings to life the ancient teachings of enlightenment in a way that nobody else can. 


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