Story Ideas for the Media

Lifestyle and Living a Fantastic Life

  • How to Transform Your Mindset from Victim to Living a Fantastic Life
  • How Covid-19 Can Become a Blessing
  • The Top Three Challenges People Face When Forgiving
    Those that Hurt Us
  • How The 13 Golden Pearls Can Change How We Think
  • Why It’s So Hard to Choose Hope Over Hate
  • Why Adversity Poisons Some and Strengthens Others
  • Why Clarity is a Part of The Stages of Denial
  • 10 Tips to Bring an End to Victimhood
  • 10 Tips for Teaching Your Kids About Empowerment
  • How to Choose Love in Recovering from Disappointment

Business Story Ideas (and many more can be tailored to the industry you cover)

  • How to Transform Your Business Mindset from “Victim” to “Abundance”
  • How Covid-19 Can Be A Blessing for Your Business
  • Dr. Lycka’s story of overcoming an ALS diagnosis and how it can help your business
  • The meaning of “turning points” and how to recognize them