Quotes from Harriet Tinka

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Fantastic Living

“To construct a fantastic life, build your priorities around your deepest Golden Pearls, be it Love, Inspiration, Purpose, or Gratitude. The choice is yours.”

“Every element in the universe is serving; the trees shelter us, water hydrate us, the soil grows our food, air fuels us oxygen, choosing service, and helping others align you with the universe.”

“Tenacity is the drive to keep on fighting despite all the setbacks; it is the gift of being undaunted by repeated these setbacks and still maintain an indomitable spirit.”


“Your life is more significant than the temporary challenges passing through your path.”

“The crisis taught me to spot the possibilities while others look for problems.”

“Crisis triggers the genius within—it’s survival.”

“The Japanese call crisis “Kiki” a two-word, meaning danger and opportunity. Habits determine which one we choose.”


“Forgiveness is freeing yourself from attaching someone else to your emotional well-being.”

“I thought bitterness and hatred were hurting the person I was resenting. Once I found out it was me who was hurting, I got out of that prison and became an architect of my future.”

“I always believed that forgiveness was a betrayal of my own hurt. After realizing that it was just ‘stinking thinking’ crippling my human spirit, I used a mental filter to give myself the freedom I deserved.”

Survivor Secrets

“Being a survivor and a victim are opposites of the same coin, make peace with your choice.”

“Embrace your past and use it as the teacher for your future, and never add regrets to your journey.”

“If you want to cross new bridges, you must be willing to burn the old ones.”

Money and Wealth

“Money, if you use it, comes to an end; learning, if you use it, increases.”

“When you earn money, you must commit to paying yourself one-tenth of what you make.”

“Don’t waste your time watching others become successful while you wish for things to happen to you, take action, and start working on your dreams.”


“We can be thankful for absolutely anything at any time.”

“If you are not grateful for what you have, you will never be thankful for what you wish to have.”

“When you are in a consistent state of gratitude, there is no anger, bitterness, or sadness. You experience pure joy.”


“Empowerment is showing yourself that you have what it takes to be unstoppable.”

“You will know me when you meet me because it is not what you call me; it is what I answer to that empowers me.”

“I have always known the world in myself and never looked for myself in the world because if I did, I would be projecting my illusion.”


“When it comes to me, I will not negotiate who I am with anyone”

“You set the standard as to how you will be treated. If you don’t follow through, you just compromised your non-negotiables”



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