Quotes from Dr. Allen Lycka

Fantastic Living

“Enthusiasm is one of the best ways to live your life and one of the few that make a difference daily.”

“Live your life by finding the victory hidden within.”

“In living through pandemics and other life-altering circumstances, we learn to dig deep; you can do anything – within your business or personal life. Difficult times must be met with enthusiasm to ensure success.”

“Work on your halo every day. Shine it with enthusiasm.”

Post Pandemic

“It’s amazing how a tiny little virus has changed the world as we know it forever.”

“This virus has revealed a path leading to two destinations – one with hate, cruelty, and increasing despair, and another with joy, abundance, and prosperity. Which do you choose?”

“Safety and danger have never been more compromised in our lifetime – all due to Covid-19.”


“When you hold malice toward another person, you are tied to them by an intense bond stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only thing that can destroy that link, and you become free.”

“Forgiveness does not change yesterday, but it does enlarge tomorrow.”

“The heart of forgiveness is realizing that the person who has hurt you means more to you than the hurt they have dealt.”

“Forgiveness is one path marked by joy, peace, and prosperity. Hate is the other.”

Survivor Secrets

“To survive despair and hardship does not make you indestructible; it makes you human.”

“What makes a ‘golden pearl?’ It is born of irritation and suffering, but that gives birth to one of the most beautiful things provided by nature.”

“When you are suffering and hurting, seeing the good these will bring is often impossible. Only on reflection does one realize that you are made better by these things.”

Money and Wealth

“I have never viewed money as something I have strived for. It is, however, a byproduct of one’s efforts. If a person does good, money and wealth often flow back. It behooves the wealthy to give back to those less blessed.”

“Money is not a means to an end. It should be considered an end that can be reinvested to help those without means.”

“Wealth in money is an accumulation of riches. Wealth in wisdom is an accumulation of life experience, then, that keeps on giving.”


“Gratitude means being thankful. Look around. There are so many things. Only the blind cannot see.”

“Being grateful is a gift that keeps on giving.”

“Being grateful and graceful have a common origin.”


“Empowerment comes about when one realizes that inside you are a force that can overcome anything.”

“To be empowered or not to be? Which should one strive for?”

“Empowerment – you vanquish everything meant to destroy you. Nothing is stronger.”


“Everyone needs principles to guide them through adversity. These are non-negotiable.”

“Be willing to compromise on lesser things, but honesty, respect, and truth are non-negotiable.”