Interview Questions for Harriet Tinka (10)

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Q: Tell us about EmpoweredMe, and why you started it

A: is the company I designed to focus on teaching young girls and women resiliency and emotional intelligence. I educate them with tools on how they can be self-aware and self-determined to enable them to make smart and empowering choices.

Q: What happened to create your near-death experience?

A: It was at the university where I befriended a fellow student having no idea that his attraction to me was a psychological trap disguised as the love that would later turn deadly. As I got to know him, he became abusive, full of anger to a point where I got a restraining order against him. Angered by that, he one day kidnapped me, stabbed me, sliced my finger, and left me for dead. It was during my physiotherapy appointment when I had a turning point. I describe my life as coming from tragic to magic.

Q: How did you meet Dr. Lycka and why write a book together?

A: Dr. Lycka is a philanthropist. He was a major sponsor for an event called YWCA (Youth Women’s Christian Association) Women of Distinction Awards. This event recognized extraordinary women leaders who made an impact in the community by improving lives. I was the recipient of the Turning Point award. After that, we met and discussed writing a book one day. That was four years ago.

Q: Are there business topics that you speak on, as well?

A: You bet. I customize themes according to the company’s needs. To list a few, I present on Leadership and Management, Organizational Change, Communication, Innovation, and Marketing.

Q: Why did you and Dr. Lycka pick the metaphor of “Golden Pearls”?

A: The suffering of how Golden Pearls are formed from the South Sea Oyster called Pinctada Maxima is symbolic of the pain we have endured. A luster slips into the oyster and irritates the shell and its organs. This irritation develops a beautiful GOLDEN PEARL.

Q: Purpose is a unique pearl that addresses a fundamental change that can impact people – please explain more about that.

A: Dolly Parton once said, “Everyone has a purpose”. In the book, we use a Japanese concept called “Ikigai,” which means a reason for being. This word refers to an individual’s purpose. It gives them direction to act and feel satisfied to have a sense of meaning to life.

Q: Empowerment is big in your life work, and is even a Golden Pearl in the book – how does it propel you forward?

A: Empowerment is the emotional intelligence of being self-aware and continuously taking charge of your life. It is personal management.

Q: As a public speaker, how did Toastmasters help you succeed?

A: Toastmasters has taught me to be a good listener. It has also helped me improve my Leadership, Time Management, and Communication Skills. Additionally, I now know how to give valuable, helpful feedback, and speak to inspire with empathy.

Q: What advice do you have for people in this time of crisis in our world?

A: During times of crisis, we all try to find answers and meaning. Adversity can poison some and strengthen others. The choice is ours to own. I chose the latter.

Q: How can our audience get in touch with you and where can we find the book?

A: The link to invest in the book (and invest in yourself) is: And to get 52 golden pearls, once a week, text “Golden Pearls” to 1-819-717-2515. To contact me directly go to



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