Interview Questions and Answers
for Dr. Allen Lycka

What made you decide to go into medicine?

I’ve often wondered that myself after 35 years in the medical profession. Scientists give us a bit of an answer. I was a first-born child, the child of immigrants. They are underrepresented in the medical profession. In looking back – overall – I think it was the overwhelming desire to serve others.

Why did you leave a lucrative career in medicine to write “How to Live a Fantastic Life”?

If you go through a life-changing event like I have, you look around and find the pieces. The pieces I found were related to asking how I can serve as many people as I can.

Why are the 13 Golden Pearls important during a time of great crisis? 

Crises bring out the best and worst in people. For me, personally, it helps me reappraise my situation and how I could help people. The great pandemic also given me time to reflect. For me, it was a turn from tragic to magic. My greatest hope for the world is the same.

What is the most important lesson you learned from getting an incorrect diagnosis of ALS?

I realized doctors are not infallible. They are human too and prone to mistakes. After receiving the improper diagnosis, I went through a period of grieving – much like Elizabeth Kubler-Ross describes in her book on death and dying. I went through phases of anger, denial, depression, bargaining. I could not accept the diagnosis, however.

You talk a lot about enthusiasm, why is that so important in living a Fantastic Life?

Enthusiasm is one thing you can bring every day that’s a game-changer. It makes or breaks every situation.

One of the golden pearls in your book is love, can you speak to why that is so important today?

I think that all you need to do is look round at the injustice that sparked the riots in the USA and the resulting backlash, and you have the answer.

Why is gratitude a personality trait?

Gratitude is another game-changer. It changes how you see the world and how the world sees you.

How can people learn more about you and how do we get in touch with you?, email me or call toll free 844-936-3362

What is the number one reason people should read your book, and where can they find it?

Because we all deserve to live a fantastic life, and I teach people how. They can find the book on Amazon.