The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life

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Are you finding fulfillment in your life? We are amid a Global Pandemic, the likes we have not seen for over 100 years! It is understandable if your life is not filled with joy every single day. In 2003, I had the scariest moment of my life and was forced to deal with my mortality. There is nothing like facing the very real fact you could die; I empathize with the fears people have during COVID-19. 

When a doctor told me that I had six months to live, I was devastated. But then I fought back. I had been misdiagnosed, and that event was a wakeup call. The years following, I learned different golden pearls of wisdom that have made me the man I am today. 

My journey led me to meet one of the most inspirational women I have ever known, Harriet Tinka. If you have ever been in Harriet’s presence, you will automatically feel at ease. You will see someone who is strong, intelligent, and beautiful and who treats you like her own family. Harriet is my co-author for The Secrets to Living A Fantastic Life. Her story is incredible. 

A former New York Fashion model, Harriet left the scene which she felt had a toxic view of the female body. At the University of Calgary, she began seeing a man who became infatuated with her. She eventually broke up with him and had to get a restraining order. Late one night, she found herself in an elevator where this man found her. He threatened to kill and stab her. She was left for dead, but thankfully made it to a hospital. I don’t want to tell everything, so let’s fast forward. 

Once we met, conversation was extremely easy, and we found something interesting. The same golden pearls of wisdom that had helped me after my traumatic event, were the ones she had found as well! These golden pearls of wisdom are what made us decide to write our book. Our hope is that readers will learn these same lessons, without having to live through the traumas we had. 

In all, there are 13 golden pearls which we write about. I have decided to share two with you so you can see what the book is about. 


At its core, this golden pearl affects all the others. Whatever you do in your life, do it with enthusiasm. You will find this attribute fuels you more than anything else. Motivation, passion, and inspiration can fade. However, if you can load enthusiasm into your actions, they will be fueled. 


You will find these golden pearls play off one and other. Every day find three things that you are grateful for and write them down. This will tell you so much about yourself and it will act as a map to show you where you should put your time and energy. Over time, you will find that the more gratitude you show the more enthusiasm you will have. 

Now I can’t be giving away all the golden pearls! If you wish to find out about the other ones and read about them in depth, please buy our book here. I promise at the end, you will be excited and inspired! 

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