Summer Fun With the Family

The sun is out, and we want to enjoy the beautiful summer ahead of us! It is still important to practice social distancing to help stop the spread of COVID-19. But that doesn’t mean stay in your house all day. Let’s look at some fun activities you can do with your family while you enjoy the beautiful weather we are (rightfully!) in store for. …

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Five Books to Read on Christmas Eve

Christmas reading

You’ve likely spent the last several weeks (or longer!) preparing for Christmas Day. Hopefully your presents are wrapped, groceries are bought, and the excitement is bubbling around you. With so much magic and excitement in the air, it’s hard to sit still; especially for little ones. But, a wonderful tradition to start, if you haven’t…

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Nine Movies to Bring You Christmas Cheer

Christmas ornaments

With a week until Christmas, there is still plenty of time to watch some holiday classics by the glow of your Christmas tree. Watching your favourite film on your own or with your friends and loved ones is a fantastic way to spend some down time during the hectic season. And, it’s nearly impossible to…

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