Interview Questions and Answers for Dr. Allen Lycka (10)


Q: What made you decide to go into medicine?

A: I’ve often wondered that myself after 40 years in the medical profession. Scientists give us a bit of an answer. I was a first-born child, the child of immigrants. They are underrepresented in the medical profession. In looking back – overall – I think it was the overwhelming desire to serve others.

Q: Why did you leave a lucrative career in medicine to write “How to Live a Fantastic Life”?

A: If you go through a life-changing event like I have, you look around and find the pieces. The pieces I found were related to asking how I can serve as many people as I can.

Q: Why are the 13 Golden Pearls important during a time of crisis like the coronavirus?

A: Crises bring out the best and worst in people. For me, personally, it helps me reappraise my situation and how I could help people. The Covid-19 pandemic has also given me time to reflect. For me, it was a turn from tragic to magic. My greatest hope for the world is the same.

Q: What is the most important lesson you learned from getting an incorrect diagnosis of ALS?

A: I realized doctors are not infallible. They are human too and prone to mistakes. After receiving the improper diagnosis, I went through a period of grieving – much like Elizabeth Kubler-Ross describes in her book on death and dying. I went through phases of anger, denial, depression, bargaining. I could not accept the diagnosis, however.

Q: You talk a lot about enthusiasm, why is that so important in living a Fantastic Life?

A: Enthusiasm is one thing you can bring every day that’s a game-changer. It makes or breaks every situation.

Q: One of the golden pearls in your book is love, can you speak to why that is so important today?

A: I think that all you need to do is look round at the injustice that sparked the riots in the USA and the resulting backlash, and you have the answer.

Q: Why is gratitude a personality trait?

A: Gratitude is another game-changer. It changes how you see the world and how the world sees you.

Q: How can people learn more about you and how do we get in touch with you?

A:, and, email or call 1.587.525.5561.

Q: What is the number one reason people should read your book, and where can they find it?

A: Because we all deserve to live a fantastic life and I teach people how and they can find the book on my website or on Amazon.