Four Acts of Self-Love to Practice this Valentine’s Day

You are worthy of love

Whether you have a date this Valentine’s Day or not, there is something important to discuss this time of year, and that is self-love. In case you have forgotten, or are constantly being told otherwise, you are worthy of love! Let’s talk about some ways you can love yourself.  Forgiveness  There is a proverb that says holding onto…

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How to Prioritize Your Emotional Health


It’s no secret that our physical health is important. But, although often overlooked, so is our emotional health. When our emotional health suffers, we may experience high blood pressure, chest pain or other physical symptoms that leave us feeling overwhelmed and unwell. However, with the busy lives we lead, emotional health often takes a backseat.…

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Holiday Self Care Tips

Christmas lights

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s important to remember to make yourself a priority. Self care is extremely important, especially as the hustle and bustle builds up. While it can be challenging to make time for yourself, make sure to carve out some time occasionally to regroup and recharge. That way, you will…

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