279: Seven Steps to Healing after Loss

Originally Published March 14, 2022. In this podcast, Dr. Allen Lycka interviews Marie Scott, a widow who found love again and became a Certified Health Coach. Marie shares her journey of overcoming grief and developing the “Seven Steps to Healing After Loss” program, which incorporates nutrition, movement, sleep, meditation, laughter, healthy relationships, and finding new purpose. They discuss the universality of grief and the importance of individualized healing. Marie also talks about her upcoming retreats for widows and widowers, her books, and how to live a fantastic life after loss.


About: Marie Scott, a bestselling author, overcame grief after losing her husband of thirty years, Dave. Now happily married to Jeff, she’s a Certified Health Coach dedicated to helping widows and widowers rebuild their lives. Inspired by her own journey, Marie created the 7 Steps to Healing After Loss program, guiding others through the challenges of grief and promoting positive lifestyle changes. Through her experience, Marie regained her vitality and zest for life, proving the effectiveness of her approach to healing.


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