273: Discovering Life’s Joy

Originally Published January 12, 2022 Join us for a captivating conversation with Dara Kurtz, a remarkable woman who embarked on a transformative journey after being diagnosed with breast cancer at 40. Discover how Dara’s resilience and perspective offer invaluable lessons on navigating life’s challenges and embracing each day with purpose and gratitude.


Transitioning from a successful career as a financial advisor, Dara embraced writing, speaking, and podcasting to share her insights on finding joy and happiness in everyday life. With over 200,000 followers on her personal blog, Dara is celebrated for her inspirational message and wisdom. As the author of several books, including “I am My Mother’s Daughter,” Dara draws from her own life experiences to empower others in strengthening relationships and embracing gratitude. 


About Dara Kurtz: Dara has endured tremendous personal challenges, including the loss of her mother to cancer and her own battle with breast cancer. Despite these hardships, she emphasizes the importance of vulnerability and sharing our struggles to find strength and connection with others. Through her platform, CRAZY PERFECT LIFE, she advocates for embracing life’s ups and downs, cherishing relationships, and finding meaning in each day. Kurtz shares her story through writing and speaking engagements, aiming to inspire others to live authentically and make the most of their lives. She emphasizes the value of relationships and the realization that life’s true treasures cannot be measured by financial success alone.


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