266: Having the Right Mindset

Originally Published April 14, 2022  Nominated for Australian of the Year in 2022, Dr. Samantha Pillay shares her inspiring journey from starting school in a wheelchair to becoming one of the first female urological surgeons in South Australia and a leading figure in medicine and entrepreneurship


Despite facing adversity due to congenital hip dysplasia and being a single parent, Samantha pursued her goals with determination and resilience. She discusses her passion for helping women with urinary incontinence and emphasizes the importance of dreaming big and aiming high. 


You can connect with Samantha through her website https://samanthapillay.com/ and discover her books, including “The No-Recipe Cookbook” and “When I’m an Entrepreneur.” Overall, the episode offers a wealth of wisdom and inspiration for living a fantastic life despite facing challenges.


About Dr. Samantha Pillay: Samantha overcame physical limitations from birth and became South Australia’s first female urological surgeon. She is a passionate businesswoman, founder, and entrepreneur. She advocates gender equity, disability inclusion, healthy living, and cultural diversity. She is a three-time international Amazon number-one best-selling author. Her picture book series inspires children to Dream Big and Aim High, instilling self-belief, and challenging career gender stereotypes. Her international eCommerce business promotes a serious message with a smile. Samantha was one of four finalist nominees for South Australia, Australian of the Year 2022, and a finalist for the Telstra Best of Business Awards 2023.


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